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It is a new style of original Bora Bora vacation and voyage, original, off- the- beaten track, without fixed schedule, constraints, where our guests live within their own rhythm.

It is to sail from island to island and meandering through the calm, clear lagoons to be close to the villages and their people onboard private yachts in an intimate atmosphere of informality and casual chic far from the restriction of everyday protocol. A world where elegance, harmony and enjoyment are the priorities. Where is Bora Bora island?.

Avid seeker of new experiences with an accent on authenticity, our guests appreciate gourmet food , a gentle mix of hedonistic pleasure blended with discovery and new experiences. You like to be surprised, seduced by the décor, the ambiance and to be at the cross road of different culture and landscapes.

They  rapidly adopt a carefree and chic mind –set and appreciate the absence of rules and schedules as the best way to  live a voyage opposite to the regular cruise “genre”.

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